Whilst we offer each client the same ‘base’ report, it is important that we tailor each series of reports to the specific needs of the client. To that end we produce a large number of bespoke additions to our standard reports unique to each account. Clients are free to contact us directly at any time to discuss new additions or changes with our analysts, who then work with the client to ensure that our reports match their requirements. Should the client require extra analysis on top of what is already provided, we will inform the client if any new data fields need to be included in the source data or fleet lists sent to us.
Rolling Year on YearFleet engineers sometimes require that the performance of different depots be tracked side by side. Whilst the logistical requirements affecting each depot ensure that no two will ever be exactly alike, certain trends and patterns can still be detected and help to build a picture of overall fleet performance trends.
3 year trendTracking performance initiatives is sometimes not a short-term exercise. Many companies wish to track the effect of multiple operational changes over an extended period, to gain an insight into not only the effect of the latest performance measures but also of extended cost saving over time. This can provide important data on the effectiveness of operational changes when compared with each other.