Driver Analysis

Fleets that do not operate a fixed driver policy are able to take advantage of our unique driver performance analysis which monitors driver figures to produce data which can be useful in instigating driver training programmes. Unlike most driver performance services, we do not believe in producing a ‘Driver MPG’, as these figures can be greatly influenced by operational factors such as whether the driver is predominately a Unit or a Rigid operator, and as such this does not give a true reflection of driver quality. Instead we produce ‘Driver Percentages’ which track how the performance of various vehicles has changed whilst being driven by a given driver – the resulting figures  allow fleet managers to move drivers between differing specifications and still be able to predetermine how their drivers will perform.

We are also frequently asked by our clients to mark driver performance at specific dates, usually at the beginning and end of driver training schemes, so that performance change can be monitored and improvements measured.
Driver AnalysisThe performance of a fleet’s drivers greatly affect the performance of the fleet as a whole. As such, monitoring driver performance is an essential part of tracking fleet figures. Fleetstat uses its own performance monitoring software to calculate the driver performance as a percentage figure – the amount by which a driver will alter the MPG of any given vehicle. This figure is much more stable than conventional ‘Driver MPGs’, which can be massively skewed by operational factors such as the makes and models of vehicles driven by each driver.
Driver AllDepot managers may, at certain times, implement driver training schemes. At such times Fleetstat can ‘peg’ driver performance at the start of the scheme and monitor the drivers throughout. This allows depot managers to see not only which drivers are the highest performers currently, but also which are the most improved since training began.