Free Trial

We offer a no obligation three month trial to our potential clients to allow them to see what we can provide to their fleet and depot managers in terms of information and monitoring. This service operates almost identically to our normal service, the only exception being the year-on-year performance figures, which cannot be offered for obvious reasons.

What we will need to set up a trial account

Fleet list, broken down with vehicle makes and models.

The sample data needs to include vehicle registration, fuel transaction date, start and end odometer readings and fuel for individual transactions. Please note that weekly and/or monthly totals are not compatible with the data analysis software. To allow us to quickly build a foundation figure for each vehicle, two months’ back-data from the commencement of the trial is desirable, but not always necessary.

If a fleet operates a mixed driver policy (i.e. not one-driver-one-vehicle) then driver performance analysis can also be offered, for this all that is required is a driver list to be supplied to us and for the addition of driver names into the sample data.

Once the trial account has been set up all we require is the source data to be supplied to us every report period, whether this is fortnightly (recommended), weekly or even monthly. This would be determined by customers needs.