In order to ensure that our reports provide our clients with exactly what they want without any unnecessary information, all aspects of our reports are fully customisable to suit the requirements of our clients. Vehicle tables can be broken down to compare many variables including vehicle makes, models and ages. Drivers can similarly be set into different groups to compare such differences as in-house and agency, day shift and night shift and shuttle and trunking routes - this driver performance can also be pegged to highlight the effectiveness of any driver training schemes. We can also monitor the performance (and hence effectiveness) of any trials implemented by a client, such as the conversion of parts of a fleet to LPG, the addition of aerodynamic trailer kits/side-skirts, testing new engine oils, and any other cost saving measures.

As long as the source data includes the information required to identify between groups, the client is free to request any alterations to the report layout they need. In fact, clients are encouraged to speak directly to one of our analysts to discuss their options and to find the best solution to meet their requirements.
Vehicle PerformanceVehicle Performance All data is passed through our detailed analysis process which ‘cleans’ the data, resolving any transactions which have been affected by incorrect odo entries and highlighting transactions that result in abnormally high or low see more
Year on Year
Year-on-Year Perhaps the simplest way of measuring improvements in performance, year-on-year analysis is still a vital tool in monitoring fleet performance, as well as an excellent tool for see more
Driver AnalysisDriver Analysis Fleets that do not operate a fixed driver policy are able to take advantage of our unique driver performance analysis which monitors driver figures to produce data which can be useful in instigating driver training programmes. see more
TrialTrials One key area in which we aim to help our clients is to closely monitor the effectiveness of any trials the client may be implementing. These trials can be run on nearly every aspect of the fleet, whether it is on aerodynamic trailers, new engine oils, LPG see more
BespokeBespoke   Whilst we offer each client the same ‘base’ report, it is important that we tailor each series of reports to the specific needs of the client. To that end we produce a large number of bespoke additions to our standard reports unique to each account. see more