One key area in which we aim to help our clients is to closely monitor the effectiveness of any trials the client may be implementing. These trials can be run on nearly every aspect of the fleet, whether it is on aerodynamic trailers, new engine oils, LPG or hybrid technologies, or even simply trialling differing vehicle makes and models before a fleet overhaul. All that is required for us to run such a trial is notification of which vehicles are to be included in the trial and a group of similar specification vehicles equal in size to the trial group to act as a control group. The performance of the two groups will then be closely monitored and compared for the duration of the trial and the real-world benefits of each system are relayed to the client at the end of the trial.
LPGAlternative fuels such as LPG are becoming a popular choice for companies looking to improve performance and reduce operational costs. During trials of alternative fuel systems we have found that the most effective demonstrator of the benefits of such systems was not in MPG or KPL but in Pence per Mile. The operational and financial benefits between differing technologies can then readily and accurately be compared by the client.
synthSynthetic oils and fuel additives are often used to improve fleet performance and reduce running costs, and by setting up comparison trials between vehicle groups with differing products our clients are able to use Fleetstat to accurately map the changes in performance between the groups. Most trials will typically run for six months, but more extended trials to assess long term benefits are not uncommon.