Perhaps the simplest way of measuring improvements in performance, year-on-year analysis is still a vital tool in monitoring fleet performance, as well as an excellent tool for highlighting cost savings over time. This comparison is easily tailored to the needs of the client, whether they wish for a general fleet over-view, the shift in performance of differing vehicle specifications, or even down to the performance of individual vehicles.
Year on YearEvery decision made by a fleet engineer will affect the performance of the fleet to a greater or lesser degree, be it driver training schemes or fully re-fleeting a depot. Year-on-year analysis allows the tracking of fleet performance over time and presents it in such a way that the result of performance related initiatives can readily be seen.
Seasonal Year on YearYear-on-year analysis allows fleet engineers to not only monitor the impact of operational and seasonal changes on the performance of their fleets, but also to track previous periods of lower performance and affect solutions to counter similar periods. Fleet performance can fluctuate over the course of a year, and year-on-year analysis allows fleet engineers and depot managers alike to compensate for these seasonal shifts.